Single Line Spacing

  • Use shift enter at the end of a sentence

Slide Show Guidelines

  • Use Slide Deck 2 to manage the images and slide show settings for the home page.
  • For slide show images use iPhoto and export the image as a medium quality jpeg, use 800×600 for pixel dimensions, enter the large number (example 800)

Photo Size Guidelines

  • Using iPhoto export the image as a medium this is the equivalent to a (72dpi) quality jpeg, set pixel dimension to 640×480 (recommended) use 800×600 for largest pixel dimension if necessary.
  • For a full page photo like the “Specials” flyers use iPhoto export as a medium jpeg, set pixel dimension to 1100×1400
  • To make photo clickable to enlarge or to click and view PDF version, go into photo properties and link the photo to a PDF file separately uploaded to the Media section.

Edit Home Page Tiles at bottom of page

  • Go to Apperence/Widgets/Home Zones here you can edit the text above learn more only.  to bold or italisize google HTML opening and closing tags for other options and paste them in.  Example for bold text <strong>Amber Alert</strong>

Column View for Specials Page

  • Using easy column plugin in the toolbar select the ratio (1/2 1/2) for a 2 column then paste code in to the page to get this layout https://omesbs.com/column-view-demo/ .
  • Click on Column View Demo page and edit to view setup

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